Wildlife Wednesdays 
We know that our loyal audience members have been patiently waiting for word about our Wildlife Wednesdays summer lecture series, especially after COVID forced us to take last summer off. We first hoped to have a normal series in 2021, then scaled our plans back to alternate weeks in only July and August, and then even further to only August. But August is coming up fast, the Kettle Pond Visitor Center is still closed, and it’s good to have a month of lead time for publicity (so the speaker doesn’t end up talking to an empty room). On top of all the uncertainties from the pandemic, the replacement of the building’s heating and cooling system has taken far longer than expected. So here is our new plan. There is no rule that says our lectures have to be in the summer. Once we know for certain when Kettle Pond will be open, we hope to offer an occasional lecture during the fall and spring. We’ll give you plenty of advance notice, so watch this space.