Wildlife Wednesdays 


Summer 2022 Wildlife Wednesdays Lecture Series



Thanks to COVID-19, Wildlife Wednesdays has been on hiatus for the last two summers. If our luck holds out, we are going to try for our 15th season in 2022. Because the situation is still a little uncertain, we are coming back with a shorter program. All the presentations but one will be by our own Dr. Bob Kenney—retired URI marine biologist, naturalist, Friends board member, and Wildlife Wednesdays host. All presentations will be on Wednesdays at 7:00 PM, at the Kettle Pond Visitor Center, 50 Bend Road, Charlestown, Rhode Island. Admission is free and all ages are welcome.


July 13: “The Enchanted Isles: Wildlife of the Galapagos.


July 20: What Lives in Toupoysett Pond?


July 27: The Basking Shark: A Wicked Big Fish.


August 3: “Rhode Island’s Salamanders.”


August 10: “Whales in Rhode Island.


August 17: “New England Cottontail Restoration,” with Nick Ernst, Wildlife Biologist with the Rhode Island Refuge Complex.


August 24: The Basics of Raptor Identification.


For additional information check our web page at http://www.FriendsNWRofRI.org, visit us on Facebook, or contact Bob (friends.ri@verizon.net) or Janis (Janis_Nepshinsky@fws.gov, 401-364-9124 ext. 4404). Friends of the National Wildlife Refuges of Rhode Island is an all-volunteer non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing conservation, education, and outreach activities on the five National Wildlife Refuges in our state. We encourage everyone to join our membership and become a friend to Rhode Island wildlife. Donations are encouraged; all donations to the Friends are tax-deductible.